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check-here 1 Kombucha culture including information on how to prepare the Kombucha beverage in the...................................language
check-here1 book “Kombucha” in the following language:
check-hereGerman: “Kombucha - Das Teepilzgetränk” Praxisgerechte Anleitung für die Zubereitung und Anwendung. ISBN 3 85068 304 4
check-hereEnglish:  “Kombucha - Healthy beverage and natural remedy from the Far East” Its correct preparation and use. ISBN 3 85068 337 0
check-hereFrench: “Comboucha - La boisson au champignon de longue vie” Instructions pratiques de preparation et d'utilisation. ISBN 3 85068 329 X
check-hereSpanish: “Kombucha - Bebida saludable y remedio natural del Lejano Oriente” Su correcta preparación y uso. ISBN 3 85068 628 0
check-hereDutch: “Komboecha - De Theezwamdrank” Praktische handleiding voor toebereiding en gebruik. ISBN 3 85068 334 6

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