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Online since 27 years. Founded 1996 by Günther W. Frank

About kombu.de - the Kombucha Journal

www.kombu.de is a private website with independent and uncommercial information about the fermentation drink Kombucha. It is our goal to make the ancient traditional knowledge as well as new information about the “tea mushroom” Kombucha available worldwide free of charge.

The Kombucha Journal was launched in 1996 by Günther W. Frank. He is also the author of most of the texts on the website. In meticulous work and with the support of many volunteer translators, the information on preparation and useful information about Kombucha is now available in 30 languages. Günther W. Frank handed over the management of the site to Felix Böttcher in 2019.

Felix Böttcher is a media designer, artist and health trainer for nutrition (UGB) and is since many years passionately involved with healthy food, sustainable and future-oriented diets - especially with the health-promoting qualities of fermented foods such as Kombucha.

Günther W. Frank

Günther W. Frank is the author of the following books on Kombucha: “Kombucha - Healthy beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East” (translated into 9 languages) and “Kombucha - Mythos, Wahrheit, Faszination”.


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