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A smattering of quotes by various Kombucha users
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Personal experience

During my work on Kombucha I have received a good many reports from enthusiastic people. I shall let some of these Kombucha-drinking correspondents speak for themselves. Copies of all reports printed below are held by me. Like the articles mentioned above, the personal reports are also remarkable for the broad range of complaints for which people say they have received help. As I see it, this can be explained by the fact that the effect of Kombucha is not aimed at any one specific organ, but by stabilizing the metabolism and by the detoxifying effect of the glucuronic acid in particular, it has a positive influence on the system as a whole. This then becomes apparent in many people by an increase in endogenic resistance to the harmful substances and environmental pollution bombarding us from every side, by a resuscitation of the damaged cells in the body, and by a restoration and consolidation of well-being. But let's allow a few heartening letters to speak for themselves.

Dr. Soraya Sh. from Iran is a medical practitioner. She published an article titled "Kombucha inhibits malignant cell growth" in the Iranian magazine "Barg-e-sabs" (Green leave magazine), Teheran/Iran vol. 5 (No. 25, March 1996), pages 18, 19 and 54. In a personal letter Soraya wrote to me:
"I distributed the Kombucha among patients. They got good results and are very satisfied. Kombucha was good for Prostata gland, Corns in toes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Marrow Cancer, Fibroid in uterus, Fibrosis in lung, and so on. I did not hear any complaint about the Kombucha. The results of using the Kombucha were good enough to accept it as a perfect therapy. I myself use it every day. Your idea about writting the book caused the Kombucha to be known in everywhere. I will try to inform you about any advantages of Kombucha in Iran. "

Frau T. S. from P., Germany, writes:
"I've had it (the Kombucha culture) for six months now, and my health is improving all the time, Briefly, I feel great. I also passed it on to friends who are also very happy with it and have been cured of rheumatic pains and liver complaints, for example.(...) I wouldn't like to have to give up drinking the beverage."

Herr A. H. from A., Germany, relates:
"A year ago I had to go to the doctor on account of my stomach pains. Tablets did not help me. Then by chance I happened to get some Kombucha, and drink 2 glasses a day of it. It's only seldom that I feel any stomach pains now. So I presume the tea helped me."

Herr A. M. from B., Switzerland, had the following experience:
"I suffered for years from a lot of phlegm in the throat and could never get rid of it. It was particularly bad at bed-time. When I lay down, the phlegm completely blocked my throat, and despite all my efforts I couldn't get rid of it. That has improved since I've been drinking Kombucha; the phlegm. gets neutralized. (...) My wife had an injury to her right leg, and that gave rise to an infection with thrombophlebitis. The doctor wanted to send her to hospital, but I didn't want her to go. And with prayer and Kombucha her leg healed up beautifully after a week. She also hand less pain than is usual with this complaint."

Six months later Herr A.M. wrote again:
"And now I should like to tell you something else that I've noticed since we've been drinking Kombucha. When I was about 16 years old and an apprentice blacksmith and wainwright, I drilled a hole through my left thumbnail while boring some holes, and ever since then it wasn't normal. It curved downwards. And now (Note: Herr A. M. is now 74 years old) I see that the nail is almost normal again. And 10 years ago I had a coronary heart operation (by-pass), and several lumps had formed on the scar which have also now disappeared. My wife had corns on her toes, and since I've been dabbing them with a wad of cotton wool soaked in Kombucha, they've disappeared."

Frau J. S. from L., Germany, wrote two letters:
"Kombucha is the one and only remedy which helps my susceptibility to infection. Herbal remedies, homeopathic preparations, enzyme therapy, symbiotic control, treatment with my own blood, all intended among other things to increase resistance, did not achieve the desired result. Besides this, I can ward off migraine attacks with Kombucha. In my case, the migraines seem primarily to have a hormonal cause, as they mostly occur during menstruation. My chronic stomach and bowel trouble did actually improve after the symbiotic control treatment, but under greater pressure and in Spring and Autumn I still ended up with gastritis. With Kombucha I can take a wholefood diet, which I'd already switched over to in the 70's. I don't need to do any more roll cures. My rheumatic pains (rheumatism of the soft tissues) have become noticeably less since taking the miracle drink. Earlier on I could only cope with the pain by taking enzymes. Now I only rarely have to reach for the 'Wobenzym'. (...) My husband feels physical and mental capacities have improved since taking Kombucha. His blood pressure has returned to normal. He used to suffer from hypotonia. (...) A brother-in-law of mine seems not to be so depressive after drinking Kombucha. He used to spend most of the day in bed. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that thanks to Kombucha he'd painted all the windows of his house."

And now a few lines from Frau J. S.'s second letter:
"In connection with the weak resistance I've acquired over the years, I began to get cystitis and bronchitis at intervals that were much too close together. The athlete's foot between my toes also wouldn't go away. My bronchial tubes still give me a bit of bother in wet weather, but up till now I've been spared the tiresome cystitis. Fortunately, the athlete's foot has also departed. Incidentally, I can now at last continue with the symbiotic control treatment which has been dragging on since as far back as 1986, as without Kombucha I frequently used to react to the vaccine injections with infections. (...) I think I shan't give up the 'miraculous jelly-fish' and I'll even increase the dosage. As I had a fit of the shivers etc. just now, I drank twice as much of the beverage. After drinking it, you always get this nice warm feeling and begin to perspire slightly, like when you've taken 'Echinacea' or any other immune stimulant. Proof that one's resistance is beginning to work! (...) I'm very pleased that at nearly 40 I've at last found the remedy in KOMBUCHA, and can now face the future confidently and fearlessly."

Frau R. W. from L., Netherlands, writes:
"A great many people have been cured of the greatest variety of metabolic diseases by Kombucha. In our tiny country one can now even speak of a kind of Kombucha "revolution". GPs and specialists are often speechless at the relatively quick healing through Kombucha, even in cases where they could achieve nothing for years and even decades with other remedies. (...) Some rheumatism patients told us that through Kombucha they could do away with wheelchairs or crutches. Most reports tell of the healing of intestinal complaints, high blood pressure and rheumatic pains. Many people can sleep well again, thanks to Kombucha. Healthy people experience an increase in energy. Athletes are absolutely delighted. Sometimes we ourselves can hardly believe reports. But we know that Kombucha has wide and far-reaching effects, cleansing and revitalizing. And then of course one feels better."

Frau L. B. from G. writes:
"I've felt much better since drinking Kombucha. I've no more spots, my hair is much nicer, I was going gray, but all the gray hairs have vanished now. Menstruation is much more regular and less painful."

Herr L. Z. from D. writes:
"I'll gladly pass on to you my experiences with KOMBUCHA. Until recently I was always having problems with my blood fat. The levels were always too high and normal levels could only be achieved by means of tablets. My attention was drawn to KOMBUCHA, and instead of the tablets I used only this beverage. The result was that normal levels could be maintained, thanks to KOMBUCHA. In addition, I also feel in general much better."

Frau H. S. from A. writes:
"I should like to thank you very much for the successful cure I've had by drinking your Kombucha tea. For this success borders on the miraculous. Two years ago I had a complete hysterectomy due to carcinoma (cancer) or the womb. But after four months a further operation was necessary. Following that I had thirty radiation treatments. But the result was that I was having up to eight bowel movements a day. All this without receiving any medication form the doctor. At that time I happened quite by chance to read about Kombucha tea." Frau S. says that she then got herself some Kombucha and Colibiogen etc., and then she goes on: "And what happened? The bowel movements returned to the normal two a day. During this time I had to got into hospital for a check-up every two months. Then I learned from my doctor that the last two cancer smear tests were negative. The result amazed my doctor and the hospital doctors, as I had had no medication. I put it all down to the Kombucha tea and the Colibiogen etc. Therefore I thank you once again for this marvelous remedy, that hopefully will also help other women."

Herr O. H. from St. G. writes:
"I should like to tell you that I am very pleased with your Kombucha cure. I followed the course for the purpose of purifying the system and in order to get rid of Springtime lethargy. The course has helped me in every respect. I fell fit again."

S. K. from N. writes:
"I should like to tell you that I'm quite convinced about Kombucha tea. I always used to be very tired in the evenings. Since I've been taking Kombucha, that's all changed. I have much more energy again. It's really good stuff."

Frau T. v. K. from R. writes:
"I'm most enthusiastic about Kombucha, as my digestion has returned to normal through using it. What a pity I didn't know about Kombucha sooner."

15 year old M. P. from K., Netherlands, sent an account entitled "My good experience with Kombucha:"
"The misery began when I was 10 years old, and it lasted for 4 + years. At first the itching began in my arms, and I scratched them till they bled, especially in bed at night. (...) After 6 weeks I then eventually went to the doctor. I was given a course of penicillin and ointment, because one arm was all inflamed from scratching. This lasted for about 1 + years. I kept on getting more ointment, one lot after the other, and it was the same with the penicillin. - Then I reached the point where things couldn't go on like that any more. I had to got to hospital for specialist treatment. The doctor talked about some intestinal bacteria which was the cause of the trouble.

Then I was given yet more medicine, which made me feel as if I was numb the whole time. But the itching remained. (...)

But now my mother's been making Kombucha tea for the past six months. I began drinking it right away, and after only one week the itching had gone. I feel as if I've been born again. Even the scars are hardly visible any more. I'd like to tell everyone 'Stop taking medicine, and drink Kombucha'."

Frau M. W. from V., Netherlands has written an account that was published as a reader's letter in "Op Zoek", the magazine of the "Netherlands Multiple Sclerosis Foundation" (No. 141, February 1990):

"I've been suffering from multiple sclerosis since 1982. I've now had good results with Kombucha. This has a detoxifying effect on the body. I began drinking the tea in 1989. At that time I could only go a few meters outside the house, leaning heavily on two sticks, and my condition was getting visibly worse. Now I can get out again for about 20 minutes, without sticks, and I'm not tired any more. The result of a medical check-up was the renewal of the certificate of ability to hold a normal driving license. I'm even going to try a little skiing again this year. With a Kombucha culture you can prepare your own natural remedy all your life long. I hope this account will contribute towards other people experiencing an improvement in their state of health through Kombucha."

Frau H. Z. from H. writes:
"I've been cultivating a Kombucha culture in our house for the past year, a task which gives me great pleasure. My husband drank only one glass of Kombucha a day, and within 6-7 weeks he was free of rheumatism in both shoulders."

Professor J.S. from M.S., California, reports:
"I would like to share my experience with Kombucha. In April 1994 bone cancer flared up and my right elbow started to desolve. I could hardly use my right hand! The pain became almost unbearable. I could not sleep at nights. I could hardly walk. Nothing was of any help to improve my condition. I was ready to die. By the end part of July my apartment manager gave me a pancake shaped mushroom. I started drinking the fermented mushroom tea, one cupful per day. In less than three weeks my elbow healed! Ever since I feel alive again, and I do have a lot of energy! I am not tired at all! What a bliss to have such a feeling. I am alive and well and full of hope! Thank you Gnnther W. Frank. ......Since then I have introduced the Kombucha mushroom to many of my friends. From Hawaii to Alaska, Nevada, England, Hungary and all over in California. Every one gave a positive response. I would like to express my humble thanks for your tireless and thankless work that you have given to many of us who needlessly suffered the conventional medical treatment."

The following testimonials are taken with kind permission from the Colleen Allen's Kombucha FAQ (http://users.bestweb.net/~om/~kombu/FAQ/indexOrig.shtml). The testimonials were posted over the kombucha mailing list by subscribers to this list. I have omitted the names, since I think not everyone wants to have published their name or address. Would you like to read more testimonials on the Kombucha FAQ by Colleen Allen? .

"(...) I just began drinking the tea a couple of days ago. In the last several months I have spent approximately $1500 for medical visits and procedures for an undiagnosed stomach condition. I had numerous blood tests, barium enema, colonoscopy, abdominal sonogram, etc. What I suffered from primarily was excessive gas, irregularity, constant pain in the upper and lower left quadrants, weakness, slight fever, and many more minor symptoms. I was treated with several medications, but the only thing which helped at all was "AXID," an H2 blocker medication often used for ulcers and reflux disorders. (...) Almost immediately after drinking the tea, my stomach felt much better, quantity of gas decreased markedly. I wondered whether a placebo effect might explain my improvement. But the next day, I felt even better. Belching stopped and there was no pain. There is little doubt in my mind that kombucha tea has a very beneficial effect on my condition. (...) For the first time in several months I feel "normal. "

Update: October 02, 1995: "I continue to use Kombucha tea daily to control my condition. I have stopped the use of Axid entirely. Kombucha hasn't "cured" me_I know this because when I stop taking it, within two or so days, my condition worsens. Still, while I use the kombucha tea I am o.k. and am very thankful to have been introduced to it via the kombucha list. "

"I haven't found that it helped my asthma yet, but I am losing weight and I like that. Something is in the kombucha tea though. When I give it to my boys when they have a cold the snotty nose clears up and they get over the cold in a day or two, much faster than before. My youngest is only 3 so he has quite a few colds & sniffles. "

"I have been brewing and drinking kombucha for nine months with amazing results, like those wild testimonials in the literature; facial wrinkles (I'm 60) filled in, gray hair turned back to normal; I sleep better, bowel function is better. (...) I was at first wary - - thinking like the skeptics on this list that these claims were too extreme. But my husband had been taking prescription pain killers for arthritis and the medicine gave him ulcers. So I figured, why not try this wonder elixir? After a couple of weeks my husband's pain eased up and he has not had to take pain killers since. Plus hair is growing back on his bald spot. Now that's something we hadn't even expected! I have read all the skeptics here plus the hints that those of us who think this does something for us must be experiencing a placebo effect, or have altered some other activity in our life to effect these changes. And we may not even be all that critical in our thinking to believe some beverage could do this. Say what you will, but there is nothing that you can say to me which can contradict my own experience. Studies of the kind reported in Science News take lots of time and money to conduct. Just because someone hasn't published something in a science journal does not prove that kombucha is a hoax. How many years has it taken for science to acknowledge that, yes, fruits and vegetables, and some vitamins can be powerful tools in preventing cancers? Don't rush to judgment until there's something to judge. "

The following testimonials are taken with kind permission from the Australian Web Site of John Miner

"Approximately 9 years ago my Doctors diagnosed my condition as PARKINSON'S DISEASE. I have been using Kombucha now for 17 days, but such eventful days. Energy levels and general mobility have dramatically improved, I am now able to walk with a reasonable amount of rhythm in my movement, whereas before I was reduced to a shuffle. My sense of physical balance is also greatly improved. OSTEOARTHMTIS was severely affecting my left hand, but thankfully I have regained full movement without pain. My HEARING has dramatically improved also. So here I am 81 years of age and keenly looking forward to the challenge of the years ahead, I just want to tell all those people (of any age) who are in pain, and despairing of the future, there is bright HOPE for the years ahead, thanks to Kombucha "THE TEA OF LIFE!!"

Norman C. Davis... Chermside Qld.

"I have been drinking Kombucha tea cider for 3 1/2 weeks and can't believe the difference it's made in my life. All my life I have had a STOMACH ULCER, I have been taking strong antacid tablets every day to keep the "sour gases" under control. I used to sleep on 3 pillows to enable me to get some rest, since taking Kombucha I am able to get a complete nights sleep lying on one pillow. Before taking Kombucha I also used to take medication to control bad symptoms when I get upset, I've always had a very "FIERY" NATURE, I am more relaxed now and off the medication, I am now able to go back to work after being "invalided off' with LEAD POISONING, my CONSTIPATION is gone. Kombucha is unbelievable, just try some!"

Karl Kilian... Nudgee Beach

"I am a twenty five year old woman, who for the most part of my life has had bowel and stomach problems. I have had terrible constipation, severe stomach cramps and excess wind on a daily basis. Since taking Kombucha Tea it has made me regular; the cramps have gone and I have no excess wind problems. I also find I no longer need to take daily supplements such as Iron, Fluid, Charcoal, Zinc and Magnesium tablets. The Tea takes care of it all. I would certainly recommend this product as I feel it has changed my life for the better."

Miss Webber ... Wynnum.

"Since drinking Kombucha Tea I have noticed a drastic reduction in the symptoms of HAY FEVER AND SINUS that I had been experiencing. I have a large VARICOSE VEIN on my right calf During the time I have been drinking the Kombucha Tea, I have noticed that it has been reduced in size and it does not itch or ache as it used to. I also have a SENSITIVE STOMACH which has been relieved, and I am also able to maintain REGULAR BOWEL ACTIVITY."

Mr H. Wilkins... Springwood, Qld.

"For approximately 17 years I had been suffering from severe MIGRAINE HEADACHES, at least 3 times a week at a minimum. I was totally resigned to the fact that I would continue to suffer from this complaint and pain for the rest of my fife. When visiting some friends one evening I was asked if I would like to try some of the " MIRACLE" drink called Kombucha Tea. I was hesitant, but I did try it anyway. It tasted quite refreshing, but unknown to my friends I had a pain in my upper gastric region which had been there most of the day. To my astonishment, within half an hour of drinking this Kombucha Tea my pain had totally disappeared. After commencing to drink this tea twice daily for the last two and a half months I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ONE MIGRAINE AT ALL. I am so thrilled to be able to share this experience and tell people how this Kombucha Tea has benefited me and CHANGED MY LIFE."

Fay Haddrill ... French's Forest

"I started drinking Kombucha Tea in October 1994. At first I didn't really notice any changes until I increased the amount I was drinking to 100 mLs a day. After working as a Registered Nurse for several years with shift work, one of my main complaints with my own health was CONSTIPATION. Since drinking Kombucha Tea I no longer have any problems, in fact, I believe the Tea is excellent for the digestive tract. In the ten months that I have been enjoying the Tea, I have also experienced a greater sense of well being and more energy. The greatest and most unexpected benefit to me, has been the COMPLETE BREAK DOWN OF ALL MY CELLULITE. I don't consider myself to be overweight as such, perhaps a few kilos every now and again, but the cellulite has been a problem for approximately fifteen years. I have not changed my diet in the last few months and I have always been a power walker, so I can with confidence attribute the disappearance of all cellulite and the RESHAPING OF MY HIP AND THIGH AREA to the drinking of Kombucha Tea. I certainly recommend it to everyone as a preventive health measure and for some of the other terrific benefits that others are discovering."

Kate Miner ... Brisbane


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