Benefits of Kombucha

Statistics from a Kombucha survey

This "Benefits of Kombucha" list was compiled by Bev Ferguson, owner of Kombucha Manna International. These results are from a survey she posted over the Kombucha Mailing List. The Kombucha mailing list is a group of over 600 people from all over the world who share their experiences with Kombucha on a daily basis. These benefits are based on their own experiences.

Statistics from a Kombucha questionnaire

In 1996 Colleen Allen posted a “Kombucha Questionnaire” (written by Ariana Estelle Ph.D.) over the Kombucha List (an Internet forum for approximately 650 Kombucha drinkers who live in all parts of the world) as a means of gathering statistical information from list members to include in our current project and for use in all of our future books and publications. Ariana is the author of “Kombucha 101--A Kombucha Primer” by Ariana Estelle Ph.D, and the founder/owner of Harmonic Harvest, a Tea and Kombucha business in Texas USA.

The completed questionnaire's were sent to both of us from members of the Kombucha List via email and to Ariana via private post from her Harmonic Harvest customers who filled out the questionnaire she mailed to them-- at her own expense. The following statistics were taken from her compilation of that data.

All of the statistics --I've included below-- are taken from the original data compiled by Ariana Estelle-Symons Ph.D, in her August 1996 “Kombucha Konnection” Newsletter article entitled: “Kombucha- Who in the World is Drinking That Stuff?”. Her URL is as follows:

  1. Why Are These People Drinking Kombucha Tea?
  2. What Benefits Do They Report?
Why are these people drinking Kombucha? What benefits do they report?
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