Kombucha Heating Trays
An ideal device for fermenting your Kombucha

heating tray The Kombucha loves warmth. Room temperature (70° to 75° Fahrenheit) is generally sufficient to grow the Kombucha culture. The best growth however is in the range of about 74° to 85° Fahrenheit.

I discovered a device that helps to obtain the best results from your Kombucha beverage: The Electrim Heating Tray. This is a low-wattage, electrically-operated heating tray that provides gentle warmth for successful fermentation. The heating tray is a quality product and is guaranteed for 1 year. It is completely safe for glass and plastic, for durable operation and economical to use. The size is 30,5 x 30,5 cm, 25 Watts. It is made of two plastic halves with the heating element insulated from the bottom, so that only the top surface is heated. A power-on-light and an overheat safety cut-out are integrated.

The heating tray is supplied

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